Dastania Escort - our rates

Dear visitor,
Our escorts providing outcall service only.

Our escorts non-professionals. They are not available 24hours, 7days a week. Last minute bookings are possible but we prefer pre-bookings to ensure a perfect date.

Rates are charges for time with one of our escorts.

Travel charges are real costs for car, train-tickets, flight-tickets and so on. Travel charges are not included in our rates and they are additional to our rates.

On this site you will found our fair rates.

If you have special wishes please ask for.

Our rates including taxes.

Rates are listed at our escort setcards individually.

If you like two escorts (2 ladies or 2 men) there is an extra charge of 50%.

Outside city-area (max. 15km) there are additional travel charges.

< 25 km (City)20,00 EUR
< 50 km40,00 EUR
< 75 km60,00 EUR
< 100 km80,00 EURminimum-booking 3 hours
< 150 km120,00 EURminimum-booking 4 hours
< 250 km200,00 EURminimum-booking 6 hours
> 250 km300,00 EURminimum-booking overnight

Please pay cash at beginning rates and travel charges. We do not accept 500,-Euro bills.

For long-time bookings (overnight or more) or an distance to base-location of our escorts of more than 100km we need an deposit of 40%.

Bank transfer informations on request.

For last minute bookings it is also possible to pay per Western Union.
You will find Western Union at most post offices. Please request payment options.

Your Dastania-team